Doubling Down With K2

We were crazy enough to get into this restaurant business in the first place, and then held on for dear life as the economy went to hell.  After a year and a half of the hardest and most fulfilling work of our lives,  we’ve come to the realization that:

1) you have to sell a heck of a lot of $4.50 kati rolls to make a living for two families in San Francisco; and

2) it’s time to spread the gospel for simple, fresh homestyle Indian food to other parts of the City.

So…we’re doubling down and opening our second Kasa location (dubbed K2) in the Marina next month!

The space is at 3115 Fillmore Street (b/t Union & Lombard) and is a little bigger than K1.  We’re converting the space from an old furniture store, so the permitting, design and construction process has been intense. (K2 “Coming Soon” sign)

We kept things really really simple at K1 with a handful of dishes and a clean aesthetic so that we could focus on making amazing food from scratch every day, and we plan to keep the Heart of Kasa the same at K2.

Of course, we have some twists that we’re adding this time around, most notably: late night weekend hours (open til 2am Thursday thru Saturdays) and pitchers of beer and Sangria, but mainly we don’t want to mess with a good thing.

So…tell your friends, help us spread the word, and as always let us know your comments and brilliant ideas.

K2 Construction Site, circa Mid October

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  • I walk by your Marina location everyday as I go to my Chrunch gym everyday… and one day hit me..

    an idea.. for you guys.. just a thought…

    im indian.. born and raised in SF… with a blast of all these indian restaurants in SF, one thing is missing… favorites which us indians are use to eating at home or aunties house or where ever..

    so i was thinking, maybe you guys can have like a “secret menu” like chinese restaurants have for chinese people… as a a restaurateur you probably already know that the items we see on a chinese menu arent necessarily authentic chinese dishes.. most are made-up for our american taste buds… also In n Out (the burger place) does this with their secret menu.. which has been a success

    so i was thinking you guys can have a similar menu… which could be spready virally… dont market it at the restaurant but by other means… such as through your online blog, maybe notifying only the top reviewers on YELP who will then probably spready the word, maybe only telling your loyal customers at first and letting them spread the word…

    i think it would create a lot of buzz for you guys and maybe increase business.. at least it will for sure increase your recognition thru out the city…

    Dishes which you guys might want to offer:

    Daal Chawal
    Pav Bhaji

    It is just an idea.. i just thought this idea would be a good match with you guys’s business style/model…

    if you have chance, i would like to hear your thoughts…

  • Congratulations on the new space! Can’t wait see it.

  • Congrats on the new restaurant!! Sounds like success continues to follow you. Hope that all is well and you find peace, yet excitment and reward in your expanding venture!

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