Vegan Punjabi Food at The Corner This Thursday

Join us this Thursday, March 3 for the first of a weekly Pop-Up dinner where I’ll be cooking sit-down style fare at The Corner at 18th and Mission. (Email for reservations.)
This Thursday’s $20 prix fixe menu kicks off with a bang with a ‘Vegan Punjabi Meal’ that even meat lovers will love:
  • Chote Baingan — from South India, this delicious rich baby eggplant dish is stuffed with spices and curry leaves.
  • Gobi Manchurian — a wildly popular concoction found all over India consisting of cauliflower fritters in a tangy, spicy Chinese-inspired sauce.
  • Toor Daal — a regular on the dinner table from the region of Gujurat, this is a light, sweet and savoury lentil dish delicately spiced.
  • Fresh Wholewheat Phulkas – light, wholewheat bread cooked on a tawa.
  • Peas Pillau –  fragrant steamed basmati rice with beautiful green peas.
  • Accompaniments for the table:
    • Karela Chips – sun-dried, fried bitter gourd chips.  An addictive bitter touch.
    • Cucumber/Red Onion Kachumbar – fresh cucumbers and onions for a fresh crunch.
    • Chilli Chutney – super sonically hot but flavorful sauce for those who always want it hotter.  This is Kasa’s “Hot Sauce” if you’ve tried it in the restaurant.
    • Cilantro Coconut Chutney – Kasa’s popular sweet and spicy chutney.
    • Achaar – traditional pickles that you are going to either love or hate!
Why am I so excited for this series?
  1. I am in love with the idea of Pop Ups.  It allows cooks like me to experiment with food without the risk of bankruptcy (particularly noteworthy since we just closed Kasa Marina…).
  2. I can focus on nothing but the food and test new dishes and flavors without committing to a full-on concept or expensive build out.
  3. Unlike our typical service at Kasa, we get to feed a small number of people in table service format.  This means I’ll be able to put out even more traditional homestyle food that I can personally cook!
  4. I can show my fellow Mission folk why they should leave our wonderful neighborhood and trek across Dolores Park to the edge of the Castro for a delicious Indian meal at Kasa!
Along with all this excitement comes nerves.   I don’t come from a classic chef background and haven’t cooked in a table service format.  But this is a wonderful opportunity for me to pursue my passion and expose more people to very authentic Indian homestyle dishes.
To make a reservation, please email before Thursday.  Walk-ins are of course welcome, the seating is very limited!
Let me know what you think after!

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