Indian Ghost Peppers in your Kati Roll?!

Over the holidays, I listened in on friends’ reflections of the past year and goals for the year ahead.  I started to feel guilty, as both concepts usually evade me.

I don’t possess enough patience to reflect on the past. And as for the future, I’m often too consumed with juggling the present to set goals or worse, when I do, I end up disappointed or burned out trying to meet them.

Nonetheless, I tried a little introspection and goal setting this year based on the Scoville Chilli Pepper Scale.  The scale measures the heat factor of each chilli pepper, so I decided to compare myself with the Chilli Pepper scale.

My goal for this year is to trust that I’m a naturally moderate person and not feel bad about the occasionally wild swings of moodiness.   My tastes, cravings and temperament range anywhere from the Sweet Bell pepper (a big fat 0 on the scale) to the Thai Birds Eye Chilli, which we use for our Kasa Hot Sauce (50,000- 100,000 on the scale!).   The Birds Eye Chilli, while potent, is quite moderate in the grand scheme of the Scoville Scale.  Like me! (That was the introspection part.)

I’m also going to think more in terms of ranges like the heat of chillies, which are often based on external factors out of our control.  Ranges feel better to me than absolute values.   I feel like I’m going where I’m going and not in any particular linear way that I can try to force.  Like the chillies, I am innately who I am and am going to flow with it.  What’s more, I like where I am.

Anything higher on the Scoville Scale than Kasa’s Birds Eye chilli is just too hot and painful for me to handle. Despite being in absolute awe of the power of the Indian Ghost Pepper a.k.a. Bhut Jolokia (800,000 to 1,001, 304) and the Trinidad Scorpion (almost as hot as the common pepper spray), there is just too much stress involved to get there.

As for YOUR goals, humble readers…

For those afraid of the Kasa Hot Sauce who want to push outside your comfort zone, I recommend trying little dots of the Kasa Hot Sauce in your Kati Rolls to reap the benefits. And don’t forget the Raita to cool it down!

For those searching for more, I could work on a limited edition hot sauce with the Indian Ghost Pepper.  The problem is just that I’m too scared to actually taste it!  Leave a Facebook comment or drop us a line at if you want this!

To get you in the mood, enjoy this informational and funny video on eating the Scorpion Pepper.


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