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Kasa Indian Food Truck “Squared”

We’re in the final sprint preparing for next week’s Off the Grid launch for the Kasa Indian Food Truck.  The truck is completely built out, the wrap is being wrapped as we speak, our Public Hearing is this Wed Jun 29 to secure our FiDi locations (not too late to help!), the initial menu is more or less decided and the operating plan is operating.

One of our goals is speed — we want to keep our (hopefully long) lines moving quickly!

At first, we figured we should keep it simple and launch the truck as cash only.  But that didn’t sit right with us for a few reasons:

  1. We pride ourselves on being tech savvy.  You can’t have a Kasa co-founder from Google and be behind on this stuff!
  2. We always try to do right by our customers.  You don’t always have cash, ATM fees suck and credit cards are more convenient.
  3. Square made it so damn simple to accept credit cards on a truck!  Square is this super cool startup in SOMA designing beautifully simple transaction systems for local merchants.  We signed up on Friday, got a free square fob in the mail on Tuesday and were up and running swiping credit cards within minutes.
  4. Even better, we shamelessly begged the Square team and got into the beta test for their new Square Register point of sale app on the iPad.  This hopefully will allow our truck customers to set up tabs where they can order and pay for our classic Indian street food without having to even take their credit card out of their wallet!

So…beta Indian food truck, beta point of sale system running on a 4G iPad 2.  Only in San Francisco!