A Farewell (for now) from Roti Josh

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(Note: Guest post from one of the coolest Kasa staffers we’ve ever had. He’s currently on the Appalachian Trail for the next three months, craving Indian food no doubt.  We hope to have him back in our midst when he’s done.)
I always thought the best thing about Kasa was the people behind the food.  From the get-go, Tim was the most upfront, sincere, a willing person I ever got to work for.  He opened so many doors for me when I arrived in my new city.  I have more gratitude for you than the ball in the end of this stick can roll out.
Now, we all know about Anamika’s dynamite recipes.  But if you get a chance to spend any time with her, consider yourself blessed.  Food is far from her only strong point.  She is a delight to be around, eating or not.
Suresh has a way of making you smile on your worst of days.
Just a perfect trio.
The guys in the back could wear out an army of ants and make it look easy!
Then there is Polly.  Oh, my……..Polly.  I will miss you the most, simply because you drive me the craziest.  I love you!
Kalyan works harder than two of me combined.
I feel good leaving with the knowledge that the new crew is just as fun as the last one.
And with a persistence as strong as time, you will be steady on my mind.
Thank you, San Francisco.
Thank you, Castro.
Thank you, Kasa.
Your friend,
Roti Josh