Category: Kasa Behind The Scenes

Commitment to Catering On Time

In case you don’t know, Kasa Caters.  We go downtown for corporate lunches, we do birthday parties, we do church lunches, school fundraisers and we even did our first big... Read More

Kasa Delivery

I wonder what the ebb and flow of delivery patterns truly are.  Some are obvious:  rainy day = busy delivery night. Other evenings, there appears to be no rhyme or reason as... Read More

Stuff White People Like: Indian Food

Hi, I’m the gringo you’ll most likely see behind the register when you come to Kasa.  It’s time for me to make a guest appearance on what has essentially (and thankfully) been Anamika’s... Read More

A Rainy Windy Day on 18th Street

It’s raining and windy today.  All kinds of things are canceled and it’s starting to affect my mood.  I want to stay cozied up in bed.  To worsen things, I’m... Read More

Lamb Vindaloo Debate

It seems like our whole family is into the world of restaurants.  Suresh has a large family.  Three older sisters and brothers-in-law (two sets of whom own Chaat Cafe), a... Read More


I had the blues today.  Not entirely sure why, but I had them.  It could have been the hangover I had from the wonderful Malbec I enjoyed at Hotel Biron... Read More

Cooking the books for Kasa

So I’m the third member of the Kasa ownership team, the most invisible because I kept my day job in order to keep the lights on should Kasa stumble and,... Read More

The Roti Story-2

Before opening the restaurant, roti was my biggest fear.  The food I was super confident with.  Even if I didn’t have a soul to help me, I could manage the... Read More