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Staff Spotlight: Polk Street

Staff Spotlight: Polk Street

I feature staff spotlights to forge the connection between the food you eat and the people serving and cooking it for you. In an age of technology, which Kasa fully... Read More

The Resiliency of an Entrepreneur

So Suresh (my wonderful husband, co-owner of Kasa, Google employee) is speaking next week at the San Francisco Small Business Conference about how small businesses can use online tools to... Read More

Punjabi Santa

It’s 2010, the holiday season is over, and I’m glad!  Don’t get me wrong, I kind of like the holidays…. using up all my patience putting up lights on the tree, overeating,... Read More

Doubling Down With K2

We were crazy enough to get into this restaurant business in the first place, and then held on for dear life as the economy went to hell.  After a year... Read More

A Tough Job Market Out There!

Kasa went through the process of hiring a new server a couple months ago.  It’s insane what a response we had to our ad. I’m honored at the number of... Read More

Commitment to Catering On Time

In case you don’t know, Kasa Caters.  We go downtown for corporate lunches, we do birthday parties, we do church lunches, school fundraisers and we even did our first big... Read More

Cooking the books for Kasa

So I’m the third member of the Kasa ownership team, the most invisible because I kept my day job in order to keep the lights on should Kasa stumble and,... Read More

The Roti Story-2

Before opening the restaurant, roti was my biggest fear.  The food I was super confident with.  Even if I didn’t have a soul to help me, I could manage the... Read More