Commitment to Catering On Time

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In case you don’t know, Kasa Caters.  We go downtown for corporate lunches, we do birthday parties, we do church lunches, school fundraisers and we even did our first big wedding this past weekend in the Russian River.  I’m in charge of most of everything related to catering, but my favorite part is that I get to cook off menu for these events.  As much as I love the six main dishes and one or two daily specials at Kasa that we make daily, I get really excited to dig deeper into my cooking repertoire for catering events.
cambroToday, however, was not one of my better catering days.  Tim was unavailable this morning so I had two huge FiDi lunches (with all of the logistics) to get out on time.  As usual, we were working at the speed of light and all was on schedule until the loading of the car.  The cambrose, which is a massive, heavy, insulated box to keep the food piping hot (see image), didn’t quite fit in the trunk. Nonetheless, I slammed the trunk door closed and heard the loudest crashing sound, followed by tiny bits of glass coming at me.
Well, I thought, at least the lunches were in, and they were well protected by these huge cambroses.  Despite having the back window completely smashed, I got the food to their destinations on time!  I must admit my customer service was pretty good too considering the crazy morning I had.
So you earn $1 and you lose $5   🙁
It would have been a lot more $$$ lost if I didn’t come across In and Out Auto Glass. shop_front_4295132240_stdWithin the hour, the window was fixed at a most reasonable price and with great customer service.