Kasa Delivery

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I wonder what the ebb and flow of delivery patterns truly are.  Some are obvious:  rainy day = busy delivery night.

Other evenings, there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why a lot of people at the same time think, “I want Indian delivery from Kasa.”  (I’m not complaining AT ALL.  The more customers, the merrier!)
Last night was one such night, where a flood of delivery orders came in at once with no apparent impetus, so naturally our quoted delivery time raced up to an hour.  When I informed one customer of this wait, he made me laugh:
“OH MY GOD,” he exclaimed.
“Really?” I said. “You want to bring God into this?”
My turn again: “So… sir, is this acceptable to you or unacceptable?”
He told me it was unacceptable but that he would live with it.
It made me laugh because sometimes life can be as simple as just making sure you have food.  Like this particular customer though, when I’m hungry I can get seriously agitated and everything makes me mad.  That’s the business we work in at Kasa, feeding Indian food to hungry people.
JulianFortunately his food got to him well before the hour because Julian (our delivery guy) rocks!
If anyone has any insights into the drivers behind delivery patterns, I would love to know.  In the meanwhile, keep ordering delivery from us and we’ll do our best to get your food out to you hot and on-time.