Running Around Like Headless Chicken Tikkas

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One evening, I was teaching my daughter about nocturnal animals.
“There’s owls and bats,” I said. “Can you think of any other nocturnal creatures?”
“Mama!”, she replied.  That made me laugh so much because it is true.
I’m made for the restaurant business.  I like to start work late and keep up late through the night.  I love it when the evening rolls around and the sky darkens and the moon comes out.  It literally makes me happy.   Perfect, except when you have kids that need to be in school by 7.50am.  It’s the hardest thing in the world for me to wake up, so our household wakes up 20 minutes before leave time and everyone runs around like headless chickens to get out the door.  For that extra 30 minutes of precious sleep, I’ve always felt it’s worth taking on 10 minutes of intense stress.
Then I saw this poem that my daughter wrote at school.  My heart broke a little:
Jiya’s Poem – Age 4
I wish I were two again so my mommy didn’t work as much.
I wish I was born first so I could be bigger than my brother.
I wish I could live in two worlds so I could be with my mommy’s mom and my daddy’s mom at the same time.
I wish I were a toy.
I wish I were a rocking chair so I could rock.
Clearly I need to spend more time with my little one.  I’ve looked at my calendar and both our days our pretty swamped, what with my cooking and her school and karate and swimming.  The only time I see open are mornings.
It’s hard being a parent, but giving up sleep has got to be one of the biggest sacrifices we make.  So here it goes… from tomorrow morning, an earlier wake up so I have extra extra time with the kids before they go off to school and start their crazy days.
Best of luck to me..