The UnKasa Meal

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Friends always ask me if I still cook dinner at home now that I work around food all day.  The answer is yes, most definitely, although I have to admit I don’t cook as much as I used to.  There are some days that I’m so tired that I just don’t have the energy to cook, or I’m just not home.  Tonight was one of those nights, with a little twist.  Suresh, my husband who NEVER cooks (other than the best scrambled eggs and Kasa’s awesome chai), decided that he would be healthy, frugal and adventurous and cook dinner for the kids whilst I was working dinner at Kasa.  I gave him some fleeting instructions and ran out the door.

I guess it didn’t go so well as I got this picture email half way through the evening.

In the midst of a busy dinner rush along with a brazen tip jar robbery (which warrants its own blog post), I snuck in a quick call home and got my 7 year old food critic son on the phone.  This is what he had to say about the spinach and tofu fried rice:

It looked so so good, but it was the blandest thing I ever tasted.  It had no flavor.  It was plain.  I refused to eat it, but Daddy said I HAD to eat it.

It reminded me of the hilarious “Going For An English” sketch from Goodness Gracious Me — “What’s the blandest thing on the menu?”:

It made me smile to know I was being missed at home and not too easily replaced.  I was also really proud of Suresh, in whose defense I will say: spinach is a hard sell to a kid anyway and in no way reflects on his culinary skills.